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  • Certificate Request Form

    The Member JPA has the authority to issue certificates provided that:  

    1. This certificate does not provide coverage to the certificate holder.
    2. It only provides evidence of financial responsibility.
    3. It may be issued up through the CARMA reinsurance layer.
    4. It may be issued without notice to CARMA.

    For the issuance of Certificates of Insurance naming the certificate holder as an Additional Covered Party for limits within the CARMA layer the following procedures apply:

    1. The underlying member shall submit for review and approval to the Litigation Manager the written agreement or contract as well as the Request for Coverage when an Additional Covered Party status is requested by the Member JPA.

    2. CARMA Administrator will issue Certificate as soon as possible, but no longer than 48 business hours from time of receipt of the contract.

    For questions related to the above, please contact Mr. Michael Groff, Litigation Manager, CARMA, c/o Bickmore Risk Services at (800) 541-4591, extension 1148. 


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