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 Board Of Directors

Board of Directors - One representative from each member agency is designated as a Board Member of CARMA and serves at the pleasure of the member agency. One representative from each member agency is designated as an Alternate Board Member to represent the member agency in the absence of the designated Board Member.

Voting - Each member agency, through its Board Member or Alternate Board Member, may cast one vote on each issue that comes before the Board.

Officers - The Board elects a President and Vice President from the Board Members and appoints a Treasurer. The term of office is one year; however, there is no limit on the number of terms that may be served by an officer. A Chief Administrative Officer is appointed to conduct the day-to-day affairs of CARMA.


Board of Directors 2017/18 Program Year
Board Member Alternate Board Member
President: Tim Przybyla, CSJVRMA Patrice Hildreth, CSJVRMA
Vice President: Dan Schwarz, BCJPIA
Treasurer: Gary Goodman, VCJPA Tamara Davis, VCJPIA
Rene Mendez, MBASIA Benjamin "Jamie" Goldstein, MBASIA
Gary Goodman, VCJPA          Tamara Davis, VCJPA
 Linda Cox, MPA  

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